May 23, 2022

101 Day Trading Tips

101 Day Trading Tips

It’s not a secret that beginners entering the trading world often have a tough time figuring out how to handle the market. It is because the market moves in a way nobody could initially predict. However, all of these problems can be resolved by a good strategy and following the right set of trading rules. The following practices can help beginner traders to be successful in the market. As a beginner trader, techniques that you may be familiar with might not be as effective as you think they are. So you are looking for essential tips and pointers on all day trading but are pretty new to the game. We know how confusing it can be when it comes to this aspect, so we hooked up with a few veteran traders who will be giving you a beginner’s guide to all-day trading.

Taking day trading market

 There are multiple markets, and they make lots of profit. Do not try to master in all markets. Just focus on one and learn thoroughly. Here is a quick rundown of the backdrop. It all boils down to personal preference, as well as financial constraints.

  • Foreign Exchange Market – You trade in a currency such as Euro and Dollar. In this, you require a capital of a minimum of 100 $. In this market, you need little money.
  • In Future Market, it requires 1000$ to get started. It can be crude oil, gold or S&P 500 movements. It is on the basis of commodities or indexes.
  • In day trading stocks, it requires $25000 at least. It is a capital intensive option.

What Do You Need for Day Trading Beginners?

  • It is better to have two monitor screens, but it is not mandatory. Your trading program requires a system with enough memory and a fast processor as there should be no lagging or crashes. Don’t use a slow approach. Else you have to pay for that.
  • It would be better if you had a good internet connection. It can be a cable or ADSL type internet connection. Do not keep multiple tabs open as it slows down the speed of the internet.
  • You also require a trading platform. Try various trading platforms and try them out. As a beginner, you will not be familiar with your trading style. Your broker will recommend multiple trading platforms; choose the one you like best. Also, if you want, you can change your trading platforms numerous times. You can change how to set up to suit your trading needs. One of the popular trading platforms for futures or forex trade is Ninjatraders.
  • Get a broker – The broker facilitates trading and advises that. In return for that, they charge you a commission for their service. Often, the day trader focuses on having high profit, so they go for the broker that charges a low commission. But, the thing is that the right broker gives you support if you face any problem. If the company can save you plenty of dollars when your computer fails and you can’t get out of your trades, it is reasonable to spend a good amount of money on a commission worth it. It is advised to the day traders to not go for the central banks when they offer trading accounts as these significant banks have high charges. On the other hand, small brokers customize fees and commissions for day traders.

All you need to know is the timing of the day trade

Consistency is the key. It is especially true when it comes to day trading. Every day you have to monitor the screen and trade simultaneously. Some traders trade for the entire day. An example of this is the US stock market. Some do for a portion of the day. While there are people who do trading for 2 to 3 hours. There are some points that you need to consider:-

 For the stocks, the best timing for trading is after one to two hours as it opens—also, the last hour of the closing time. If you trade in between 9:30 am and 11:30 am EST, then there is a possibility of you getting profit as this timing has the most significant potential profit. Also, there is a profit possibility in between

  • 3 pm to 4 pm. If you want to trade for 1 to 2 hours, go for the morning session.
  • For day trading futures, it is best to trade around the open. In this type of trading, the trading begins earlier than the stock market. Pay attention during the timing between 8:30 am, AND 11 am EST. This market officially closes at different timings. Also, the last hour of closing is an excellent time.

Forex market traders – It works 24/7. The EUR/USD is the renowned trading pair, and they have recorded a large trading volume. It happens between 1:00 am and noon EST and when the markets of London are open. The timing between 7:00 am and 10:00 am EST considered the profitable hour as London, and New York markets are available.

Manage your risk at trading

  • Trade risk – this term means how willing are you to risk. Ideally, each trade should threaten no more than 1% of your real money. It is done by selecting an entry point and then establishing a stop loss, which will allow you to exit the trade if it begins to go too far against you.

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