April 12, 2024

Oracle, FedEx, Johnson And Johnson: Stocks That Are Growing Big


Written by Akash

Effects of Stock Trading Apps

The stock market is fascinating to watch, but it can be challenging to offer real-time commentary. So many newsletters, articles,[....]

Get Prepared for Your Retirement with These Trend in 2022!


Written by Akash

Get prepared for your retirement

It might be possible that a robot may not replace a financial adviser (human). However, it makes investment easier if[....]

Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies


Written by Akash

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies There are countless ways to profit from cryptocurrency trading. Trading strategies help you organize these[....]

How profitable are crypto games and how do they work?


Written by Akash

crypto game

Crypto game Introduction In just a few years, cryptocurrency has captivated our attention and altered our understanding and use of[....]

What is a crypto airdrop?


Written by Akash

crypto airdrop

Introduction Crypto airdrop is a strategy used by cryptocurrency startups to promote their new token and project. It entails providing[....]

What is a stablecoin?


Written by Akash

Stablecoins are nothing more than cryptocurrencies created in order to maintain a price with little variation in the market, generally[....]

What is a cryptocurrency?


Written by Akash


Introduction A cryptocurrency is a new currency or digital currency that employs cryptography (advanced mathematics) and sophisticated computer techniques. This[....]

Blue-Chip Stocks: What Are They?


Written by Akash

Blue-Chip Stocks

When done correctly, investment has little resemblance to gambling. However, the phrase "blue-chip stock" is derived from poker. While a[....]

7 Free Stock Screeners That You Need to Check Out


Written by Akash


Whether you're a professional investor or just someone who wants to make smarter investment decisions, stock screening software is likely[....]

Position Trading 101


Written by Akash

position trading

Ever heard of Position trading and think? Should I even try position trading? What is the cost and benefit analysis[....]

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