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What is Capital Gains Taxes?

Capital Gains Taxes

Capital Gains Taxes It is a tax imposed on the increase in value of shares as persons or companies sell them. Unsold assets or “unrealized capital gains” are exempt from the levy, so stock shares that appreciate in a year will not be subjected to capital gains taxes until they are sold, regardless of how long you own them. The number of taxable capital gains for the year is deducted from the amount of taxable capital losses. […]

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How many types of Income does a business have?


Today, any business is done to make good profits and money for yourself and the shareholders. Hence the Investors and Entrepreneurs must look for companies giving increasing incomes. When the revenue is growing, any business organization can sustain for long. So, the business model can be different for all types of business, but the objective would be the same, i.e., to increase the revenue streams and have growth in your respective business. Below are the different kinds of […]

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What is the stock rating?

stock rating

Whenever we read finance-based newspapers and go through the business channels, we as traders generally come upon the word stock ratings. Whether to sell, buy or hold the stocks, we usually receive recommendations on stock and messages. These are known as stock ratings and are specified by the research analysts. This article will come across different stock ratings like buy, sell, hold, underperform, and outperform and explain what they are. These stock ratings can support and help […]

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What Is a Commingled Fund?

Commingled Fund

A portfolio comprising of assets mixed from various accounts is known as Commingled Funds. These funds reduce the operating costs since the integral accounts are handled separately. These are like a pooled fund which are neither available to retail investors nor listed publicly. But these are generally a part of pension funds, insurance policies, retirement plans, and several other accounts. Key Takeaways An investment manager collects money from various investors and fuses them into a single fund, […]

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Significance of Mutual Funds and its Inception Date

Mutual Funds

The concept of mutual funds is a vital part of the investment strategy of people who are retiring and conscious about their future. This was introduced in 1924 by MFS Investment Management in the United States. However, mutual fund services were not made available to the people till 1928. MFS Massachusetts Investors Fund was the first-ever fund that offered an alternative path to a handful of investors to accumulate their resources and expecting to see hefty returns. […]

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What is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Investing?

DIY Investing

A method that helps people grasp their attention across various avenues in lifelike crafts, cooking, hobbies, etc., is known as Do-It-Yourself or DIY. Being engaged in these activities is a good feeling as people have started working stuff independently, making them become independent and feeling confident, and being in absolute control. However, this DIY bug has not spared the investing domain from its awesomeness. This was always a part of investing but has gained popularity recently only. […]

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What Are LUPA Stocks?

LUPA Stocks

LUPA stocks are a label for four companies that took birth in the era of mobile apps. The four companies are Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb, and these are also known as PAUL stocks. The four companies have concluded their Initial Public offerings (IPOs), and these are being busily being traded on public stock exchanges. KEY TAKEAWAYS These stocks are a combo of four: Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, and Airbnb. These stocks were born during the rise of the […]

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