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Getting started in stocks?


It is a truth universally acknowledged that investing in stocks has always outperformed investing in other modes of investment. Investing in stocks has always been a winning path. But there are such instances that prove that if you don’t invest using a strategy then the consequences can be scary. First off you need to understand how to actually get started with stocks. There are so many types of stocks you can invest in. If you are someone […]

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What happens when you invest $100 every month for 20 years?


Investment is a very complicated process that requires a lot of calculations. So, to make this process simple, why not be a long-term investor. Why not invest straight for twenty years. Of course, there is a huge possibility that you will come across an infinite number of fluctuations. Still, the result the investment is going to yield will be better than any safe option present there. If you have a low-risk tolerance, you can even go for […]

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Here’s how you can take advantage of a recession


How can we all forget the great recession of 2009! The recession affected the lives of many and had a deep-rooted impact on the economy. Unfortunately, this time too, we can see that the economy is headed towards another recession. So why not take the benefit of the recession than let the recession take our benefit. There are a lot of lessons to be learnt, especially from the recession of 2009. This time when people saw early […]

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Importance of mid-term goals and this is how you plan them

mid-term goals

We all have both long and short-term goals in our life, but the goals that fall between two are what we generally call mid-term goals. Most of us know how to tackle long and short-term goals, but not many have many ideas about midterm ones, and to be honest, it’s the most puzzling one. So mid-term goals are those, which neither take a lot of time to be achieved nor a very short span; it almost takes […]

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Understanding Personal Liability Insurance And it Working

Personal Liability Insurance

Life always has its twists and turns, but there are several unpredictable times when you are at fault; for example, in an accident, if it is your fault which results later in a personal injury or maybe property damage, the one at fault may easily use the personal liability insurance and further get covered all the costs of the losses. However, you will be held responsible for all charges in a scenario where you don’t have personal […]

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This is why personal finance is important

personal finance

Having money is a great deal, but what is even greater is managing it properly. Otherwise, everything related to finances would appear quite overwhelming. But, if you know how to spend your money and grow it through personal finance, you may get ahead in your life. If we say what a straight definition of this Personal Financing is, then it’d be that an individual or family manages money through various procedures, saving, investment, etc. Here is a […]

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What does Underwriter mean?


A person who analyses and undertakes the risk of another party in exchange for a fee, which is frequently in the form of a commission, premium, spread, or interest, is known as an underwriter. Let’s delve more into who underwriters are and what role do they play? Underwriters have an essential part in numerous financial businesses, including mortgage lending, insurance, equities markets, and several popular kinds of debt security trading. A book runner is a term used […]

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Understanding the dynamics of Gender and Insurance Costs

Gender and Insurance Costs

Premiums are determined by insurance companies entirely based upon risk and the factors that they are permitted by law to examine. One can’t impose premiums depending on an applicant’s ethnicity or religion. However, because insurance firms have linked gender to an applicant’s risk for a very long time, it is frequently played as a significant factor in the establishment of premiums. One thing to note is that insurers cannot always take gender into account; many times, the […]

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What do you mean by Bid-Ask Spread?

Bid-Ask Spread

The portion by which the asking price for an asset in the market surpasses the bid price is known as the bid-ask spread. The difference between the highest price a buyer is prepared to spend and the lowest price a seller is prepared to accept for a commodity. So, a person seeking to sell will be paid the bid price, while a person wanting to purchase will pay the asking price. Let’s try to understand Bid-Ask Spread […]

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