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The Good and Bad of Day Trading

Good and Bad of Day Trading

As with most things in life, Day Trading comes with advantages and disadvantages.  With day trading, you are making investments that last a few seconds or minutes while with long-term investment, you are making a trade that will remain open for months and/ or years. With day trading, you are making your decisions based on how the price of a given stock is fluctuating in a short time. Generally, day trading as the name depicts is done […]

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The US Dollar in the stock market

stock market

When looking at the US dollar in the stock market, you have to pay attention to the US Dollar Index (USDX) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The US Dollar Index measures the value of the US dollar against its major trading partners. It measures against six world currencies- Swiss Franc, Euro, British Pound, Canadian dollar, Swedish Krona, and the Japanese Yen. Since its inception in 1973, the US Dollar Index has seen the dollar rise […]

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Understanding Entry and Exit strategies

Entry and Exit strategies

Think of stock trading like a surfer searching for a wave on the beach. You have to find the right moment to jump on the wave. Entry and exit strategies are important in stock trading. You have to know when to enter and when to exit. Generally, finding the right entry point is not as hard as finding an exit point.  Unfortunately, there is no set rule to determine when to make an entrance and when to […]

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Should you consider Tech stocks?

Tech stocks

The constantly changing technology climate means that businesses that wish to remain afloat have to embrace the change. That being said, are Tech stocks worth it? What are Tech Stocks? The tech sector puts together all businesses whose contribution to the market is anything electronic, artificial intelligence-based, software, hardware, any form of telecom and information technology in addition to computer science. This sector includes the likes of Micron Technology, Intuit, Booking Holdings, Gilead Sciences, Qualcomm, Charter Communications, […]

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How to find the right stocks for your portfolio

right stocks for your portfolio

If you are new to stock investing, it pays not to jump onto any stock that comes your way. Some of the first stocks you should have should be in line with what interests you. Consider the industry that interests you and take a look at the different companies that drive it and then take a look at their balance sheets.  While news, events, trends are important for finding the right stocks. They shouldn’t necessarily be your […]

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How to find the right stocks for Day Trading

right stocks for Day Trading

Pick the wrong stocks and day trading will turn into a never-ending horror movie. Day Trading is a popular and exciting way for individual traders to make some decent money. However, you shouldn’t go into it blind-sighted. This article will help you determine how best to tackle Day Trading. Important factors that affect a day trader are average day range and price volatility. Patience is very important but the experience will make you a great day trader. […]

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Should stock type matter in uncertain times such as Covid19?

stock type matter

The US stock market has had and is still having a scare thanks to the Covid19 pandemic. Mid-February was a relatively good time for most stocks but mid-march saw many falling from grace to grass. What the stock prices will be like by the end of the year is anyone’s guess. Should uncertainties such as Covid19 scare you into shying away from stocks? If you decide to invest in stocks, will any do? Taking time to research […]

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How to successfully trade stocks

trade stocks

If you want a chance at enjoying some profit in stock trading, there are a few rules you should follow. Look at it as a business Stock trading should be looked at as a business and not as a job or a hobby. Understand that you stand to make profits or losses. Remember, for any business to succeed, you have to have a good strategy. You have to do your research and you have to be ready […]

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How to determine stock value

stock value

You may have heard of undervalued and overvalued stock, but how is the value arrived at? Supply and demand help determine stock value. If the demand is high, the stock will fetch a high price.  Does this mean that expensive stock is overvalued and cheap stock is undervalued? Not necessarily. Different methods can be used to determine stock value. Determining the value In order to determine the value of a given stock, you have to make use […]

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4 Key Factors to Watch Out in Trading Breakouts

1. Knowing the Key Levels of Supports and Resistances In trading breakouts, it is important to determine the key levels of supports and resistances to watch out because it will be the primary basis for your trading decisions. For instance, when trading long positions, you might want to focus on screening stocks that are close to their resistances.  It’s popular amongst all traders to use structure resistances and trendlines as a basis for determining a potential breakout […]

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