October 3, 2022

Benzinga Pro Review

Benzinga Pro Review

Based out of Michigan, Benzinga Pro is an online financial news and analysis platform founded by Jason Raznick in 2010.

Quickly gaining notoriety, Raznick’s community-based stocking screen company has grown equipped to maintain 16 million monthly visitors.

Active traders can’t get enough of this one-stop-shop for market information and actionable analyst insights.

Benzinga Pro’s newswire provides a front-row seat to Wall Street, giving you real-time access anywhere in the world.

And it comes with the price tag to prove it.

Benzinga Pro’s packages range anywhere from $99 to $350 per month.

Find out why this hefty expense holds weight for millions in the stock market world.

Let’s learn more about Benzinga Pro’s packages features after you read my latest review.

Benzinga Pro Packages

Benzinga Pro offers three membership packages for purchasing.

  • The Basic package – For $99, you will gain access to Benzinga Pro’s newsfeed, delayed quotes, watchlist alerts, critical stock stacks, the Movers program, and the calendar suite.


  • The Essential package- Including everything in the basic package, for an extra $100 a month, you will get real-time quotes, audio squawk, access to the community forum, sentiment indicators, and the Signals program.


  • The Benzinga Options Mentorship Plan- The highest tier offers access to pro-investor Nic Chahine’s trading mentorship and education, inner circle chatroom, and winning trade strategy. You will also acquire everything in the essential package for around $350 a month.

Comparable to a professional financial consultants’ price, but with the tools to take control of your finances.

Find out why a financial advisor’s biggest threat is an investment in Benzinga Pro.

Benzinga Pro’s Interface

With an engaging, easy-to-use interface, Benzinga Pro attacks the most challenging aspect of stock trading…

Why stocks move.

Not only does Benzinga Pro channel stock movements, but it also provides more competent actionable information to your screen faster.

The intuition-based workspaces deliver professional market insight from thousands of retail traders around the world.

With hundreds of published headlines daily, the customizable newsfeed promotes quicker access to the information you need.

Benzinga Pro’s Chatroom

Any novice trader’s most futile tool, after lightning speed news, is access to stock market experience.

But who can you trust online?

Benzinga Pro’s secure chatroom functions as a community-based mega-hub for all things financial discussion.

You can ask questions, receive actionable stock trade information, speak with Benzinga Pro’s news team about rumors or news highlights, and most importantly, discuss stocks.

The Squawk Box

Making the Essential package the most popular, the Squawk Box is a high-speed informational news tool.

Benzinga Pro’s Squawk Box decimates real-time news about market developments, exclusive notices,  breakouts to unusual volumes, rumors, and optional notifications during trading hours.

Reacting as fast as possible could mean hundreds or thousands in return or losses.

If you miss one squawk, don’t fret. The Squawk Box produces hundreds of alerts a day to act on in any way you choose.

Make sure you are optimizing your Squawk Box with my how-to guide.

How Does Benzinga Pro Compare to Other Stock Alert Platforms?

The value of a stock can change thousands of times per day.

Novice investors might be asking why?

Other than your typical trading volume, crucial financial news is an essential factor in determining stock prices.

Major financial news can look like natural disasters, company financial documents, or pricing speculations. All of which can broadly impact stock price fluctuations.

Day traders rely on taking advantage of the market’s response to this breaking news. How you receive your financial information can determine whether you beat the competition.

Benzinga Pro is not the only financial newswire in the financial news marketplace.

Wasting hours on sites like Yahoo! Finance is an obvious hindrance. But what about other platforms that offer real-time platforms like Trade Views?

Take a look at how Benzinga Pro compares to Trade Views here.

Benzinga Pro the Edge You Need to Win

Stock market volatility might seem intimidating to new investors, but it’s the future to day traders. Day trading has men and women flocking from their 9 to 5s to their own comfy desk chair.

Playing and winning these ups and downs can bring independence and financial freedom.

Benzinga Pro is a due diligence tool that gives you the information you need to play and win the stock market with confidence.

This innovative financial media outlet is meant to empower investors with exclusive content that will give you an edge over the competition.

Benzinga Pro’s coveted news team delivers hand-picked, unique material straight from CEO desks to your screen.

Trading like a pro is a mix of know-how with the perfect market analytical action plan.

Getting the support you need to increase revenue and make smarter trades is at your fingertips.

What’s stopping you?

To see if Benzinga Pro is right for you, try a 14-day free trial today.

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