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Buying Facebook stock? Here’s your quick guide

Facebook stock

It will be entirely fair to say that Facebook has had its share of ups and downs over the past year, and noticeable fluctuations have been observed in the stock price.  Ever since Facebook became a public offering in May 2012, it has consistently maintained its position as a high-profile company, fascinating to the public eye. Facebook is also a vital member of the immensely popular FAANG group comprising of several other tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, […]

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Amazon’s 10 Secrets No One Knew

Amazon’s 10 Secrets

In the year 2000 Bubble dot com that had been caused due to excessive speculation in internet-related companies had a significant change on March 2000. This change happened in 27 days, starting from 10th March and ending on 6th April.  The massive shedding of NASDAQ’s stock to $1 Trillion rendered the stocks of other online retailers worthless (such as and Jeff Bezos, CEO of inc. It has pledged to deliver long term value to […]

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How To Get Your Money Back From a Scam

In the current times when majority of the population is worried about their future due to the on-going pandemic, the economy seems to be dropping in numbers day by day and no one knows exactly worse it will get before the situation gets back to normal. In order to control the situation, lockdowns and SOP(s) have been enforced that have resulted in mass company/factory closures, which has left millions of people with no jobs or future at […]

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Best 5 beginners share market tips if you have just started investing in stocks

Investors who are continually searching for wealth generation and returns that are inflation-bearing must know more about the stock market. But when it comes to making extra money with equities, it is the patience that helps. The way market functions also help. Due to the COVID-119 pandemic, it is no less than a roller-coaster ride. This made the situation more uncertain, and nobody was able to make the right decision. Ergo, to meet your financial goals, one […]

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Is there any limit to the numbers of shares one can buy?

According to many, the least number of shares that can be bought by an investor is one; however, the reality is not as straightforward as it looks. Further, the fractional shares complicate the answer to this question. This type of share is a share of the equity. It is less than a total share and ends up as a stock split, DRIP or similar corporate action. Dividend Reinvestment Plan and Fractional Shares Dividend reinvestment plan is where […]

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Should you consider Tech stocks?

Tech stocks

The constantly changing technology climate means that businesses that wish to remain afloat have to embrace the change. That being said, are Tech stocks worth it? What are Tech Stocks? The tech sector puts together all businesses whose contribution to the market is anything electronic, artificial intelligence-based, software, hardware, any form of telecom and information technology in addition to computer science. This sector includes the likes of Micron Technology, Intuit, Booking Holdings, Gilead Sciences, Qualcomm, Charter Communications, […]

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How to find the right stocks for your portfolio

right stocks for your portfolio

If you are new to stock investing, it pays not to jump onto any stock that comes your way. Some of the first stocks you should have should be in line with what interests you. Consider the industry that interests you and take a look at the different companies that drive it and then take a look at their balance sheets.  While news, events, trends are important for finding the right stocks. They shouldn’t necessarily be your […]

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How to find the right stocks for Day Trading

right stocks for Day Trading

Pick the wrong stocks and day trading will turn into a never-ending horror movie. Day Trading is a popular and exciting way for individual traders to make some decent money. However, you shouldn’t go into it blind-sighted. This article will help you determine how best to tackle Day Trading. Important factors that affect a day trader are average day range and price volatility. Patience is very important but the experience will make you a great day trader. […]

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How to successfully trade stocks

trade stocks

If you want a chance at enjoying some profit in stock trading, there are a few rules you should follow. Look at it as a business Stock trading should be looked at as a business and not as a job or a hobby. Understand that you stand to make profits or losses. Remember, for any business to succeed, you have to have a good strategy. You have to do your research and you have to be ready […]

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4 Key Factors to Watch Out in Trading Breakouts

1. Knowing the Key Levels of Supports and Resistances In trading breakouts, it is important to determine the key levels of supports and resistances to watch out because it will be the primary basis for your trading decisions. For instance, when trading long positions, you might want to focus on screening stocks that are close to their resistances.  It’s popular amongst all traders to use structure resistances and trendlines as a basis for determining a potential breakout […]

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