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Making a financial planning decision: Betterment vs Charles Schwab

Making a financial planning decision: Betterment vs Charles Schwab

This article is a guide that helps you to understand the key differences that exist between the top two financial planners,  Betterment and Charles Schwab. Though they both have a lot in common, however, key differences make each of them unique. What should you expect in this article? It’s simple. We will be punctilious in highlighting their key features, similarities, and a summary of their differences in service, fees, and minimum dollar amount to use one.

A brief description of Betterment

As an online finance planning and management tool, Betterment initially began as an idea conceived by Jon Stein and Eli Broverman. Not until 2008 did this idea finally materialize and was then launched in 2010.

Again, Betterment’s free automated investment service was only available to people resident in New York until recently everyone can now access it across the country.

Betterment can also operate in an advisory capacity as an independent Robo-advisor. All you have to do is to fill up a questionnaire that will guide the program in generating a stock and bond portfolio based on the information you provided. This feature makes Betterment stands out thereby setting the pace in the planner’s world for others to follow. Secondly, your money is completely safe with Betterment. Don’t take our word for it. The internet is awash with testimonies from happy users or customers.

Furthermore, Betterment’s free automated investment service was only available to people resident in New York until recently everyone can now access it across the country.

Betterment working info

You can easily cash in on the online stock investment which is rapidly making waves in all quarters via Betterment’s Investing Accounts. The good news is you don’t require much experience to enjoy the best of this program.

Who needs Betterment Investing Accounts?

You don’t need foreknowledge in computer operation before you can create the basic investing account. This program is designed in such a way it makes investing an easy and enjoyable experience. It’s quite easy to save a lot of money while broadening your portfolio. The thing is you can withdraw your money any time you want or redirect the surplus funds to invest. Nobody pays for these features. They are free or they may come with just a small price attached.

There’s also an option to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs, generally, can assist you in diversifying your portfolio as you buy many stocks and bonds. Aside from that, ETFs also have a lower tax rate.

In addition, as an investor, there is a range of options you could choose from for asset allocation. They include stocks, bonds, and cash. Any investor will find this as an advantage as a balance between risk and reward is created based on criteria such as goals or plans and personal preferences when it comes to finances. Interested in knowing more about the latest with stocks? Click here.


Prices and Fees structure in Betterment

A digital plan exists that covers a 0.25 percent yearly charge with no minimum amount. On the digital plan, you could also pay $199 to have a one-on-one conversation with an expert for 45 minutes. A tax-saving method is added to this plan with what is known as automated rebalancing.

There’s also a premium plan which covers a 0.40 percent annual fee and  $100,000 as a minimum amount with conversations with experts at zero cost. This conversation also encompasses getting expert advice on assets outside the program. These are two plans available on Betterment. Click here to visit the program.


A brief description of Schwab

Most investors find Schwab a great choice, especially when using the tools on the brokerage program. These tools are innovative and easy to use, thereby making your work more efficient than other brokerage programs. The program also provides services to the old and youngsters alike, ranging from financial planning, investment advice, retirement planning to even college saving. Robo-advisors come as part of their supplementary services. This key feature differentiates it from Betterment.

Dubbed as the first independent brokerage, Schwab was founded in 1971 by Charles R. Schwab at a time when other companies were still trying to find their feet in the world of planning. Though their services are more expensive than others because they have thousands of workers deployed to different parts of the country, they are more innovative than most in the same field as they offer even personalized services.


Schwab working info

When it comes to the working process of Schwab, it doesn’t matter if you are an old customer or just new to the program. The program helps you achieve your goals by studying your as-is the situation and taking into cognizance your account types.

The program is part of an intelligent portfolio that could save you from a lot of losses by reducing capital gains taxes and balancing losses and gains. This gives it an upper hand in comparison to Betterment.


Prices and Fees structure of Schwab

You need  $5000 to open an account with Schwab and a whopping $25,000 for a premium account. Every month, you pay $30 and $300 if you desire access to the planner. In terms of fees, Schwab is higher, beating Betterment hands down. This is one reason why many startup investors can’t afford Schwab. Interested in knowing more differences? Check this site.


Making a decision: Betterment versus Charles Schwab

When it comes to diversity, Schwab is more diversified in operation, accounts, and portfolio compared to Betterment. When it comes to fees, Betterment is low-cost and relatively more affordable. It is an excellent choice if your goal is to become financially independent and earn more income. And, if you are one of those people who find it difficult to manage their finances, Betterment will keep you abreast of your progress and your decisions when it comes to your finances.

Unlike Schwab, Betterment charges no account fee. On the other hand, Schwabs has free trades if you have decided to pay a monthly amount to your account. However, both programs have great customer services and a wide array of accounts to choose from. Their commissions are as low as 5%-6% for stocks. In summary, these two programs are great choices for any investor.


Final Thoughts

If you operate a startup business or are the new kid in the block, we recommend Betterment for you. It’s easy to operate, manage, and employ as an automated financial tool. What more? It’s relatively affordable and has strong customer support.

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