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Market Milestones as the Bull Market Turns 10

Market Milestones as the Bull Market Turns 10

The bull market existing currently is the longest-running bull market. It started in March 2009 and thus celebrated its tenth anniversary in March 2019. However, it is still behind the 90s bull market, which returned 417%. Throughout these ten years, the current bull-run has seen a 330% rise in the S&P, which is fair for a large-cap stock index.

Current bull-run vs. History

The present 2009-2019 bull market going on127 months, has surpassed the 1990s 113-month bull-run. However, before World War II, there is one bull-run that existed for seven years and had started in 1949.

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If the best return is considered, the 2009 bull market, despite having the longest streak, stands second. Since the March 2009 low, the current bull-run has produced a 330% return, whereas the 1990s generated a return of 417% in about nine and a half years.

Moreover, the Great Depression bull market that started in June 1932 is just behind the current bull-run. It lasted for 57 months and saw S&P posting a profit of 325% at that time.

Current bull market drops

The surging investor fear, such as anxieties due to the 2011 European sovereign debt crisis and the market plummets from October to December 2018, caused the bull market’s scariest drops. Moreover, the fears of a worldwide economic slowdown, surging interest rates, and the US-China trade war caused the major setback.

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The unusual circumstances like the 2010 flash crash and the 2018 Volmageddon volatility eruption triggered other market drops. Moreover, significant on this outline, the U.K.’s Brexit choice in mid-2016 in which a larger part of the U.K. cast a ballot to leave the E.U. enlisted distinctly as a moderately restricted and a momentary blip in the U.S. markets. However, the stock market accepted the increased interest rates by the Federal Reserve by the end of 2016 into 2017 and kept on rising sharply.

Future of the Bull Market

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The vital question is if the current bull-run will continue. A decline in the economic activity ends a bull market. However, the stock market has managed to recover every time despite the various challenges gradually. In 2018, there was an extreme case. Despite everything, numerous economists see development in the economy and aren’t expecting a downturn at any point in the near future. Unemployment keeps on falling, and the ongoing corporate tax rate cuts can help to continue the elevation of expenses.

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