What are the Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Recruiting Event?

The highlight of every recruitment strategy is to attract, nurture and retain the best talents. And a recruitment strategy is said to be effective and efficient if it achieves the goals mentioned above. 

Yes, in-person recruitment events are great for building close relationships with candidates and introducing them to the company culture. However, with the remote working and physical distancing factor still in play, employers have had to turn to new ways of getting things done, especially in organizing recruitment events.

Technology has taken the front stage and is driving virtually every aspect of the recruitment process, and virtual recruiting events are fast gaining ground and gaining popularity.

Let’s explore why virtual recruitment events are causing so much buzz and how it impacts the recruitment pipeline of organizations.

What are the benefits of hosting virtual recruitment events?

If you are looking to fine-tune your recruitment strategy and broaden your talent pipeline, you should consider getting your recruitment team or recruitment agency to arrange virtual recruitment events. 

Virtual recruitment events are proven to create awareness and connect with qualified candidates in your target niche or market segment. Virtual recruitment events also eliminate the need to travel and barriers (such as distance) that may hinder talents from participating in the recruitment process.

Having mentioned that, let’s share some virtual recruitment ideas that will help you attract candidates or talents. 

  • Organize professional development events 

It’s no longer news that the pandemic has thrown a big wrench in the working of virtually every aspect of our lives and has kept people at home.

Looking at the bright side, the lockdown presents people with ample time to spare. Interestingly, people are using the spare time to brush up on their skills and learn new tricks. 

That suggests that hosting a virtual professional development event will be effective in attracting candidates because it offers to help them improve and grow in their chosen field. 

To get started, think about your objectives and highlight what sets your company apart from others. Once you lay hands on what sets your company apart and what skills are required, you can develop a themed event based on the skill.

What that does is to engage your candidates and build a talent pool equipped with the desired skill set needed for the position. Because professional development events can be done virtually and can take any form, you can organize webinars or online training. 

Regardless of what form of virtual events you go for, ensure that it provides value and engagement. The idea is not to “sell” but to prick the attendants’ curiosity and subtly get them to think about your organization as an ideal workplace. 

  • Think “Ask me anything sessions.”

Another way to about attracting talents through virtual recruitment events is to organize ask me anything (AMA for short) sessions, so candidates get the opportunity to table their questions.

Organizing such events doesn’t take much. All you need is a top executive, probably the hiring manager or head of talent acquisition, to answer all the questions from the audience. 

Ask me anything sessions have proven to be an effective tool for marketing strategies, including recruitment marketing. And because candidates will like to get firsthand information about an organization, especially when it’s coming from someone in authority or leadership positions, interested candidates are sure to turn out en masse and in large number. 

While you are at it, bear in mind that AMAs are not rigid or too formal. Such events are informal and yet informative. It provides candidates with the opportunity to quench their curiosity about its hiring process and job description. 

Here is an insider tip:

Make a list of FAQs to keep the conversation going because you never can tell what kind of audience you will be dealing with. 


In addition to hosting “ask me anything” sessions and professional development events, you can also use virtual info sessions to showcase your brand and employee experience. 

That way, prospective candidates can take a cue from the contents you are putting out and determine whether they fit in the job description or require more training to meet the set criteria. And of course, you can arrange for interviews with guests and have conversations on selected topics while prospective candidates watch and learn. Think fireside chats. 

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