What’s the Difference Between Home Warranty & Home Insurance?

Home Warranty & Home Insurance

How can there be any difference between a home warranty and home insurance because they seem to be similar? But be informed that there are many differences as they serve different and specific performance.


Home insurance can also be referred to as a safety net because if something happens to your property or any items insurance will help to pay those damages. Just, for example, the home warrant focuses on covering repairs and maintenance needs of home systems, appliances, as well as other things. They both have similar purposes, but they can even work together. To be more accurate there are lots of pros as compared to cons.

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  • Its provide us time financial protection from the loss caused.
  • It payouts permit families to undergo the reconstruction process quickly, assisting them in moving on and returning to their everyday lives. Hence as it takes a short time, it has the benefit of psychological health of families by shortening stress and feelings of loss.


The reality is there is only one con when it comes to monthly premium; it depends on where the house is situated. Hence home insurance can be quite costly; this is exclusively true if the house is located in an area prone to natural disasters or near the oceanfront.

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As we came across this word, we got a brief idea that A home warranty can be the right choice if you are looking to get the main systems in your home covered. This includes plumbing, electrical systems, cooling, heating, and more. Home warranty also includes some of your major appliances, including a dishwasher, an oven, or a refrigerator etc.

The cons to the home warranty are that it does not include cover issues that stem from malfunctioning systems and appliances.

Under the home warranty, it will cover the cost to fix the toilet but not the damage caused by it, for example, damaged caused to the walls or titles of the room. 

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Now that we came across the definition differences between home insurance vs. home warranties, let’s talk about why they are useful. Home insurance and home warranties both cover different things. It is advantageous to have both. Having a home warranty on top of your existing home insurance policy provides more coverage to your home, appliances, and valuables.

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